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Oct 26, 2016

'Revenge Porn' Could Be Criminalized Under City Council Bill

Council Members Dan Garodnick andCouncil Member Rory Lancman introduced a bill last month that would provide criminal penalties against those who engage in "revenge porn"- an especially pernicious form of abuse.
Oct 24, 2016

More ‘Roberts’ money on the way for some Stuy Town residents

Eligible Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village residents will soon receive another settlement payment from the "Roberts vs. Tishman Speyer" lawsuit. Council Member Garodnick states, "This was a big tenant win for our community and for the city".
Oct 21, 2016

Some Stuyvesant Town tenants will be getting more money from historic 2012 settlement

Council Member Garodnick "helped lead the tenant outcry" when former landlord Tishman Speyer overcharged Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village residents. Due to some of the settlement checks not being cashed, eligible tenants will receive an additional payment.
Oct 18, 2016

You May Be Due A Rent Freeze

An article written by Council Member Garodnick to raise awareness of East Side Rent Freeze Month events and encourage eligible New Yorkers to sign up for the SCRIE or DRIE program.
Oct 13, 2016

NYPD must publish patrol guide online to comply with new city law

Legislation sponsored by Council Member Garodnick was passed by the City Council, which requires the NYPD patrol guide to be posted online as a means to increase transparency and awareness of police procedures.
Oct 13, 2016

New Bill Seeks to Make it Easier to Catch Developers Breaking Noise Rules

Council Member Garodnick introduces a bill that would require noise mitigation plans for construction sites to be posted on the Department of Environmental Protection's website as well as on construction fences. This bill will facilitate residents having access to the plans and promote accountability.
Oct 6, 2016

CBS2 Investigates: Fake Uber Drivers Charge False ‘Sales Taxes’ While Gouging Customers

Council Member Garodnick is introducing legislation to combat con-artists at our airports.
Sep 29, 2016

800 ST/PCV residents who qualify for SCRIE/DRIE haven’t enrolled

Council Member Garodnick and other city officials are encouraging eligible New Yorkers to sign up for SCRIE and DRIE to exempt them from rent increases. Events are being held in October as part of East Side Rent Freeze Month. There are 80,000 eligible people who have not yet signed up, 800 of whom live in Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village.
Sep 21, 2016

De Blasio administration proposes sweeping changes to street fairs

Council Member Garodnick's comments on proposed changes to city-wide street fair regulations.
Sep 18, 2016

City should buy more foreclosures to save neighborhoods at risk

Council Member Garodnick and other Council Members promote participation in Federal program to help save neighborhoods.


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