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Jul 28, 2017

Eastern promise: The Midtown East rezoning is finally getting the green light

The Daily News applauds the East Midtown Rezoning deal struck by Council Member Garodnick and Mayor de Blasio, predicting the deal will "enable the city’s heart to beat well into future generations."
Jul 27, 2017

City Council committee approves Midtown East rezoning

Council Member Garodnick touches on the importance of density around Grand Central in this Crain's report on the East Midtown Rezoning deal.
Jul 27, 2017

Deal Reached for Midtown East Rezoning

Following unanimous approval of the East Midtown Rezoning by the City Council Land Use Committee, the plan's specifics are outlined in this write-up.
Jul 27, 2017

Midtown East rezoning gets unanimous approval from land use and zoning committees

Article highlighting the compromises struck in the East Midtown Rezoning plan and the benefits the deal brings to the area.